Bass Player


Mika was soon attracted by music like any teenagers of his age and especially by the atmosphere of the studios. He then decided to study music and its sound technics in particular, throughout the world.

He progressively took an  interest in instruments, themselves and during the Balkan war, he discovered the magic of the bass guitar which became his passion in life.

Mika spent months working 4 or 6 hours a day, learning, practising hard so that he could at last perform in Sweden, Spain, France , etc…

Now he is settled in Belgium working on various projects with his band for his artistic career.


What I do…

Studio Musician

Styles - Rnb, soul, funk, pop, latino, fusion lounge, Acid Jazz



Bass Player and Keybord player ( Composition and Arrangement )

Instruments Manufacturing ( SoldanBass )

Anaphonic (Bass player)

Anaphonic (Bass player)

Anaphonic (Bass player)

Anaphonic (Bass player)

MikaBand (Bass player)

MikaBand (Bass player)

MikaBand (Bass player)

MikaBand (Bass player)

MikaBass Composition

(Keybord player) Instrumental


Etymologically one speaks of a recurring tune but it sounds nicer when you call it “Anaphonic”. That’s the name of this Belgian pop-rock group with an eye-catching singer that is on the up and up. Rock sounds with contemporary eighties influences are the jewels of their repertoire.


Anaphonic’s roots are in Mechelen, where the founder, Wim Nees, was born and has been finding musical inspiration since he was 14. Step by step, and after years of working for other singers, he felt the urge to write his own music. This U-turn in his career was successful. His talent was rewarded regularly at song contests such as at the “Golden Mic’s” in 2003.  At one of these contests he met Leen Mariën, a stylish blonde that had been training her vocal chords since birth!  Anaphonic was born thanks to this female touch!


They worked together for three years on suitable songs until Leen moved to Dubai for professional reasons. Yet nothing prevented Wim from continuing his passion for music. He found a new singer and continued writing new opuses. The group launched a first single “You and Me”.

TV interviews, radio and exciting shows followed to confirm the song’s success.  In the meantime, Leen’s talents lay dormant in the Middle East.  But not for long… The radiant central figure of Anaphonic made her come back and revived the stagnant, catchy melodies with her powerful voice.


The two “partners in crime” are supported by a dynamic, experienced and loyal musician: Mika operating the arrangements of bass guitar. Above all, they perfectly know how to thrill every audience with lots of passion.


Anaphonic also supports and accompanies several national and international artists such as Merrill Osmond.


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